Friday, November 17, 2006

To Have & To Hold From This Day Forward..
The married life....sigh. I have been living it for 13 days now, and I have to say...not bad. Different, that is for sure, but not bad. It's sometimes strange to think of Aaron as my husband,(finally). And then others it's just like it was always like this anyway. Not really though. Waking up in a bed in all sorts of contorted positions, cause you aren't able to spread WAY out like you used to; is new, & weird. For now, I suppose. ANYWAY!!!!!!

Our new apartment is nice. I went grocery shopping last night & got $140 dollars worth of food! A bunch of Gluten Free stuff for Aaron, and that stuff is EXSPENSIVE! As I was merrily putting it away, Aaron asked me if I was happily nesting. I was! Silly, how excited you can get with your first batch of groceries, in your first home of your own. Or maybe I am just a dork.

Tonight, Tina (Sam's Tina) is chopping off my hair! I am so excited! I am not sure what I want yet but it's going to be at least to my shoulders, if not shorter! I can't wait! I am SO SICK of this long, dry hair.
Enough rambling! I hope all is well!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

After a YEAR AND A HALF of waiting on the Lord and scrimping and saving. (Maybe only 8 months of that) Aaron and I have OFFICIALLY started planning our wedding, for this November! YES, I mean November 2006! As SOON as I know more we will share the actual date. I am awaiting some prices from one church in particular.
Mrs. Di "Kaps" has been helping me with all the calling around and pricing! She has been a HUGE blessing! So if you see her anytime soon, tell her you heard she was AWESOME and give her a hug! Or a high five. (Whatever you are comfortable with.)
It looks like it will HAVE to be a REALLY SMALL ceremony and reception, though. (For-warning). But I thought I should let everyone know. Before more rumors start flying!
Love ya'll!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life seems to get complicated when you least expect it. We all know that. But have you ever had God simplify it for you even faster?
I watched the Passion of Christ tonight. I hadn't seen it since I saw it in the theatre with my Mom. That time I bawled. Not out of sadness or shame, but of joy. This really happened. FOR ME! FOR YOU!

When I watched it tonight, God removed all the walls to my heart I had put again, by tryng to things on my own. He showed me (again), "Alexis, my sweet girl. ALL the crap you are going through is NOTHING. I CAN TAKE IT ALL! I will carry you through it. You don't have too do anything but trust me. TRUST ME ALEXIS!"

I know it sounds weird. Why would I hear from the Lord, through a movie and not the Woed or in a sermon or even really through wise council? Maybe because I was more open tonight. I am not sure. I have been in the Word about every other day latly. Sometimes a little less but I had not been "listening" to the the Word. I even had felt love from my Family in Christ but I still felt like HE was VERY far away.

Tonight I feel His hands upon my shoulders, comforting me. His hands on my back, rubbing my pain away.
I was wearing a shirt I got at the Rebecca St. James concert this spring, that says on the front GOD HELP ME and on the back: I can do all things through Christ.
But I WAS NOT feeling that way. I do now. I know we all go through times that we feel God is very far away. I am grateful, that He brought me back to Him! My pain was from my own heart. My decieving & sinful, heart. But God has reminded me that He saved me from that LONG AGO! I knew this but now I FEEL THIS again!!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Wedding Day is TOMORROW! I can't believe it. Actually yes I can, cause last night I went into her room to talk to her and it was EMPTY! Except for her bed and some shelves and a nightstand and a mirror! After tomorrow evening I'll only have one roomate! (TEARS)

RANDOM----I bought another Betta fish. Perhaps to fill in the gap in my soul. (just kidding) I named him Harry. I know you think I am a dork right? Did you know my other Betta's a Ron & I have a female name Hermione? BIG DORK! I OPENLY ADMIT IT!

Rehearsal TONIGHT! A day off of work/Wedding & Reception tomorrow!
It's exciting and yet I am starting to feel it will be bitter sweet. Especially because Bonnie's last baby is leaving her nest!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blockbuster online! I love coming home and there being a "new" movie in my mail box! #1: It insures that I might actually have mail in my snail mailbox and #2: It's like a present everyday! If you can time it just right you can watch, return and get a new movie all, in about two days. I LOVE IT! The unfortunate thing is since I got the "try it for free deal", I was willing to use some of those free rentals on some movies that were not so good. But of course you don't know until you pop it in. case in point: A movie with an (typically) AWESOME actor: Michael Caine. Movie= Get Carter. I thought it sounded familiar, and I brought it to watch with Aaron and Michael LeRoy and then found out the remake has Stalone in it! AND according to Aaron the remake was BETTER! Ugh! Oh well! I have gotten good movies since then: Sense and Sensibility, Pride & Predjudice (the new one with Keira) The Family Stone, Just Like Heaven..

There is a trend there. All girlie movies. I have been watching so many movies with Aaron and Crew that I had NOT seen a girlie movie in what seemed like years. Probebly A year but I am enjoying it! I just finished "Coupling--Seasons 1 & 2. It was a BBC comedy show that is kinda like Friends, except Aaron likes it.
Did I also mention you get one free "in store" rental every week!!! I haven't used any yet cause I forget but it's nice to know it's there! Can you tell I love Blockbuster online? I also used to work there. Ha!
My rant for the day! TTFN!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I watched England play Portugal on Saturday morning. What a long and tedious game! I really was on the end of my "seat" during the two over times and almost swore when Portugal made their 3rd goal in the shoot out!
I know not very many people like "soccer", but I think it is definately more exciting than American Football, during which I fall asleep (EVERY TIME) before the second quarter! I really got into it! Just me myself and I watching it on Sat morning before going with Aaron to see Superman. (Which I thouroughly recommend!)
There was this super tall gangely guy named Crouch (England) that was really pushing my buttons. He was a disaster! He kept loosing the ball to the little Portugal guys. They'd just zip it out from under him. He kept heading it AWAY from Portugals goal instead of TOWARDS it and he couldn't block if his life depended on it! Judging by that game alone, I have NO IDEA why he's on the team!!!! I'd cut him after that game! Or at least not put him on the 2008 team. but the rest of the team played really really hard! They were 2 men down! Beckam (sp?) hurt himself and was out of the game. And Rooney either got a red card for being "un-sportsman" like or was injured too ( I'm not sure which). Anyway, I am really into non-american soccer, now! I hope when Aaron and I get married and get cable (if we can afford it) we will be able to get the European games! Well that is my rant for the day! TTFN! I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thursdays Tragedies:
I left work last night a little after 5 pm. We had had an emergancy also, a Jack Russel Terrier KAYNA, had been hit by a car. A good Samaritan brought him in. So I had stayed to see how he did. He was still a little "shocky"when I left, but he pulled through ok, and went home this AM with his family.The other tragedy didn't turn out so well:

I take 35-E North home from my hospital/clinic on Cty. Rd 42 and when I neared the Cedar exit I had to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid the mini-van in front of me. As I looked around to see what was causeing the sudden stop, I saw it.
The car; front end crushed on the side of the road, the motorcycle still under its front end. And the State Troopers lifting a body wrapped in a white sheet off the south bound side of the freeway. My heart stopped. I had been talking to my mom (on my hands free.) (I will ONLY use my hands free from now on! I urge you ALL to do the same! If you don't have one GET ONE!) I gasped and started praying a loud. She asked what had happend and I told her. She said, "Oh my." & that she had seen it on the news. She then asked me if I was ok. I said yes, then.
But I am clearly not. On my way into work I drove in the opposite lane. Car oil, tire skid marks and what I can only guess was blood on parts of the road. I gasped again. It has rocked me to my core. I can't stop thinking about that man. His family. His friends, and co-workers. It's so HORRIBLE, I can hardly believe it!

I ask you to pray for these people! And my friends; let's keep our hands on the wheel and not on our IPOD's/car stereos/cell phones!!!! (Not that I am ASSUMING you are!)I caused on accident myself in 2002, because of my cd player. Praise the Lord it wasn't a serious accident, but that's beside the point! Let's BE CAREFUL! START WATCHING OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES!

P.S. If you can please join Aaron & I tonight on University Ave. on the way from St. Paul to Mlps.!! There will be "Back-To-The-50's" cars cruising the street. It should be fun! Car scoping and people watching! And it's FREE!!!
I hope to see you ALL! God bless you !
I love ya SO MUCH!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Looking through LeRoy's list of friends blogs I was reminded that Mary Knox has a xanga. So I double clicked on it, and as I read I realized how ungratful I have been the last two weeks. Mary is a really good example of a heart that is struggling and yet continues to seek the Lord. I have been reading Psalms and Proverbs seeking wisdom and peace but I find in my heart I have still been struggling.
As most of you know Aaron and I have been feeling the Lord leading us towards getting married this Fall. There have been "forces" whom are cautioning us about doing this. Mostly those who think we are rushing to the "event" not really considering what comes after. Which is not true. Which is neither here nor there. Because I have been bitter and angry and frustrated and that isn't WHERE MY HEART should be. Because no matter what Aaron and I WILL get married, and we do LOVE each other and we ARE preparing for our marriage!! So in the end I guess what I do know we need prayer. Lots of it!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday LEXI! Happy Birthday to Me!!

Twenty-Three! My co-worker Becky, told me today that she once heard that 23 was the prime of a womens life. Huh. Maybe. I kinda hope every year will be the "prime year of my life"! I plan on having an understated birthday today!I'm just hanging out with my Mom, eating our favorite summer salad (chicken pasta and strawberries.)We might go see a movie.I wanted to make sure that it was just chill.
Aaron and I will celebrate just the two of us tomorrow.
My sister Liz sent me a birthday package, a card and a t-shirt that is really cute! I have also gotten 3 text message-Happy Birthday's from; Merri (Aaron's sister), my Siser Katie and my Siser Liz.(Those sisers' are on purpose) My mom also called me on her lunch break and sang. It's our tradition that we call the mornign of that family members birthday and sing to them. We sometimes try and do it in the wee hours of the morning so that it is one of the first things that person hears. I love birthday/family traditions! I hope everyone is having a good Thursday! One more day until the weekend! TTFN! <><

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Quandries of the male mind....
I think once a week or maybe twice a month or just as they come up you guys can ask questions and I will do my best(and prayerfully) will answer. We can seek out other ladies opinions. Maybe we'll have young ladies also asking questions, (about guys).
So my friends:

Ask away!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

IT WAS AARON'S BIRTHDAY! 25! A half a century! If you see him wish him happy belated birthday! BTW We are having a BBQ birthday party for him tomorrow! Call either of us if you're able to come!!! Ta Ta For Now! <><

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I helped my friend Kristin price some of her daughter (my god-daughter) Chloe's old clothes for their garage sale, tonight. I also cut her mom Deena's hair and got to play with my god-son Mason. His Nana Deena calls him her "More than a Sack of Taters". Kristin calls him Taters. So do I. Isn't he a lil' stud? Totally adorable!
Okay, I'll stop gushing! Have a good weekend guys!
Are you excited for Memorial Weekend?

I am. I'm going on a road trip all by myself, to go visit my sister Liz in Moorhead, MN.

Oh! She's so grown up!
She has her own apartment, & just finished her second year of college. She is also now working in the shoe department of Marshall Fields.

(I could never work in the shoe department!) Shoes, like purses are my weakness. Although I do more often purchase purses.(RANDOM)

I am hoping the weekend goes well! Liz and I are so different that sometimes it's hard to communicate. But I miss her, so I am excited!

I love car rides all by myself too. It gives you time to think, Pray, & sing at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS! I may just bust out the old school tapes/cds, (my car has both) and sing along to some "Coolyhighharmony" by BoyzIIMen or some classic Miss Jackson!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Someone has a case of the Mondays! I hate monday's!!! I worked this am and hadn't slept very well. I'll have more to say after a nap.....

I napped, & all was better afterwards. Aaron & I went for a walk around the park across the street from my house. It's such a beautiful park! So green! And the weather was just chilly enough that there weren't any mosquitos. I love spring! I also love fall in MN! It's a beautiful day out today too! Hope you all are having a GREAT day! Love ya! <><

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Let's talk about the BEST movie ever made: White Christmas (1954).....
I know the BEST status is very debatable but I'm not posting this to have everyone comment that I am wrong and the Godfather (as an example) is the best movie ever. I am asking what is YOUR "Best Movie Ever" and why? It maybe lame but I'm a dork. I think I've established that.
Okay... So White Christmas the "Best Movie Ever"; my reasons:

Reason #1: Bing Crosby.
Need I say more. He was classy and a gentleman,
great comic timing and THAT VOICE! I love his voice.

Reason #2. Rosemary Clooney.
Again, class act. The voice! When she (Betty-Rosemary's character) goes off to the club in New York and sings "You Didn't Do Right By Me". (SIGH) She's singing about love, but it is perfect for the story line. I love it! And she's pretty but not perfect but she is smart and a mama hen type. I like that.

Reason #3. THE DANCING!! The way Danny Kaye & Vera Ellen spin and dance together. It is amazing. Vera's legs! Best looking dancer legs ever! She is "the skinny one" but she wasn't too skinny, they are muscular.

Reason #4. The SONGS! White Christmas (which first was heard in "Holiday Inn" sung by Bing. Not many people remember it though). Sister's-the part where the guys dress up in the some of the girls stuff to give the girls time to escape. The song about Snow, that they sing on the train on the way to Vermont. And the song Bing sings to Rosemary, Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep. Oh,(sigh) I just love that movie.

I think the above reasons are good enough. Now, Your turn. Oh! &
P.S. If you haven't seen White Christmas, I assure you at some point in our friendship I will force you to watch & enjoy it! ("evil" grin)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fortunatly I have plenty to blog/complain about.....I got a flat on Sunday & because it was after 6 I couldn't go to the tire store to have them order one in. So on Monday morning I went to the Goodyear in Burnsville to order the tire and they were so busy I had to leave my car (Ruby) there so they could check it over to give me an estimate. The guy who helped me out was a kid I went to junior high with & he was really nice but I was still bummed I had to leave Ruby there. They even gave me a loaner-a Chrysler Seabring convertable. It's cute but has a huge blind spot and smells like car oil, cigarette smoke and fast food. (Like a machanic). No offense to my friends who are machanics-YOU are the exception to this observation. I'll be getting Ruby back Wed. and it's gonna cost me.................wait for it.............................$372....and some change! OYE! (Deep sigh). Oh well. So there goes my tax return and my nice birthday present for Aaron. (He's 25 on June 1st.) I had wanted to get him something nice because he is always so generous with my presents. We always go to Brit's Pub in Mlps. for my birthday. (One of the best places for dinner and cocktails/Guiness-for Aaron in Minneapolis.) Well.......that's all I got for now.
This is a test.