Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Wedding Day is TOMORROW! I can't believe it. Actually yes I can, cause last night I went into her room to talk to her and it was EMPTY! Except for her bed and some shelves and a nightstand and a mirror! After tomorrow evening I'll only have one roomate! (TEARS)

RANDOM----I bought another Betta fish. Perhaps to fill in the gap in my soul. (just kidding) I named him Harry. I know you think I am a dork right? Did you know my other Betta's a Ron & I have a female name Hermione? BIG DORK! I OPENLY ADMIT IT!

Rehearsal TONIGHT! A day off of work/Wedding & Reception tomorrow!
It's exciting and yet I am starting to feel it will be bitter sweet. Especially because Bonnie's last baby is leaving her nest!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blockbuster online! I love coming home and there being a "new" movie in my mail box! #1: It insures that I might actually have mail in my snail mailbox and #2: It's like a present everyday! If you can time it just right you can watch, return and get a new movie all, in about two days. I LOVE IT! The unfortunate thing is since I got the "try it for free deal", I was willing to use some of those free rentals on some movies that were not so good. But of course you don't know until you pop it in. case in point: A movie with an (typically) AWESOME actor: Michael Caine. Movie= Get Carter. I thought it sounded familiar, and I brought it to watch with Aaron and Michael LeRoy and then found out the remake has Stalone in it! AND according to Aaron the remake was BETTER! Ugh! Oh well! I have gotten good movies since then: Sense and Sensibility, Pride & Predjudice (the new one with Keira) The Family Stone, Just Like Heaven..

There is a trend there. All girlie movies. I have been watching so many movies with Aaron and Crew that I had NOT seen a girlie movie in what seemed like years. Probebly A year but I am enjoying it! I just finished "Coupling--Seasons 1 & 2. It was a BBC comedy show that is kinda like Friends, except Aaron likes it.
Did I also mention you get one free "in store" rental every week!!! I haven't used any yet cause I forget but it's nice to know it's there! Can you tell I love Blockbuster online? I also used to work there. Ha!
My rant for the day! TTFN!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I watched England play Portugal on Saturday morning. What a long and tedious game! I really was on the end of my "seat" during the two over times and almost swore when Portugal made their 3rd goal in the shoot out!
I know not very many people like "soccer", but I think it is definately more exciting than American Football, during which I fall asleep (EVERY TIME) before the second quarter! I really got into it! Just me myself and I watching it on Sat morning before going with Aaron to see Superman. (Which I thouroughly recommend!)
There was this super tall gangely guy named Crouch (England) that was really pushing my buttons. He was a disaster! He kept loosing the ball to the little Portugal guys. They'd just zip it out from under him. He kept heading it AWAY from Portugals goal instead of TOWARDS it and he couldn't block if his life depended on it! Judging by that game alone, I have NO IDEA why he's on the team!!!! I'd cut him after that game! Or at least not put him on the 2008 team. but the rest of the team played really really hard! They were 2 men down! Beckam (sp?) hurt himself and was out of the game. And Rooney either got a red card for being "un-sportsman" like or was injured too ( I'm not sure which). Anyway, I am really into non-american soccer, now! I hope when Aaron and I get married and get cable (if we can afford it) we will be able to get the European games! Well that is my rant for the day! TTFN! I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July!