Friday, November 17, 2006

To Have & To Hold From This Day Forward..
The married life....sigh. I have been living it for 13 days now, and I have to say...not bad. Different, that is for sure, but not bad. It's sometimes strange to think of Aaron as my husband,(finally). And then others it's just like it was always like this anyway. Not really though. Waking up in a bed in all sorts of contorted positions, cause you aren't able to spread WAY out like you used to; is new, & weird. For now, I suppose. ANYWAY!!!!!!

Our new apartment is nice. I went grocery shopping last night & got $140 dollars worth of food! A bunch of Gluten Free stuff for Aaron, and that stuff is EXSPENSIVE! As I was merrily putting it away, Aaron asked me if I was happily nesting. I was! Silly, how excited you can get with your first batch of groceries, in your first home of your own. Or maybe I am just a dork.

Tonight, Tina (Sam's Tina) is chopping off my hair! I am so excited! I am not sure what I want yet but it's going to be at least to my shoulders, if not shorter! I can't wait! I am SO SICK of this long, dry hair.
Enough rambling! I hope all is well!