Thursday, May 25, 2006

I helped my friend Kristin price some of her daughter (my god-daughter) Chloe's old clothes for their garage sale, tonight. I also cut her mom Deena's hair and got to play with my god-son Mason. His Nana Deena calls him her "More than a Sack of Taters". Kristin calls him Taters. So do I. Isn't he a lil' stud? Totally adorable!
Okay, I'll stop gushing! Have a good weekend guys!
Are you excited for Memorial Weekend?

I am. I'm going on a road trip all by myself, to go visit my sister Liz in Moorhead, MN.

Oh! She's so grown up!
She has her own apartment, & just finished her second year of college. She is also now working in the shoe department of Marshall Fields.

(I could never work in the shoe department!) Shoes, like purses are my weakness. Although I do more often purchase purses.(RANDOM)

I am hoping the weekend goes well! Liz and I are so different that sometimes it's hard to communicate. But I miss her, so I am excited!

I love car rides all by myself too. It gives you time to think, Pray, & sing at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS! I may just bust out the old school tapes/cds, (my car has both) and sing along to some "Coolyhighharmony" by BoyzIIMen or some classic Miss Jackson!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Someone has a case of the Mondays! I hate monday's!!! I worked this am and hadn't slept very well. I'll have more to say after a nap.....

I napped, & all was better afterwards. Aaron & I went for a walk around the park across the street from my house. It's such a beautiful park! So green! And the weather was just chilly enough that there weren't any mosquitos. I love spring! I also love fall in MN! It's a beautiful day out today too! Hope you all are having a GREAT day! Love ya! <><

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Let's talk about the BEST movie ever made: White Christmas (1954).....
I know the BEST status is very debatable but I'm not posting this to have everyone comment that I am wrong and the Godfather (as an example) is the best movie ever. I am asking what is YOUR "Best Movie Ever" and why? It maybe lame but I'm a dork. I think I've established that.
Okay... So White Christmas the "Best Movie Ever"; my reasons:

Reason #1: Bing Crosby.
Need I say more. He was classy and a gentleman,
great comic timing and THAT VOICE! I love his voice.

Reason #2. Rosemary Clooney.
Again, class act. The voice! When she (Betty-Rosemary's character) goes off to the club in New York and sings "You Didn't Do Right By Me". (SIGH) She's singing about love, but it is perfect for the story line. I love it! And she's pretty but not perfect but she is smart and a mama hen type. I like that.

Reason #3. THE DANCING!! The way Danny Kaye & Vera Ellen spin and dance together. It is amazing. Vera's legs! Best looking dancer legs ever! She is "the skinny one" but she wasn't too skinny, they are muscular.

Reason #4. The SONGS! White Christmas (which first was heard in "Holiday Inn" sung by Bing. Not many people remember it though). Sister's-the part where the guys dress up in the some of the girls stuff to give the girls time to escape. The song about Snow, that they sing on the train on the way to Vermont. And the song Bing sings to Rosemary, Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep. Oh,(sigh) I just love that movie.

I think the above reasons are good enough. Now, Your turn. Oh! &
P.S. If you haven't seen White Christmas, I assure you at some point in our friendship I will force you to watch & enjoy it! ("evil" grin)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fortunatly I have plenty to blog/complain about.....I got a flat on Sunday & because it was after 6 I couldn't go to the tire store to have them order one in. So on Monday morning I went to the Goodyear in Burnsville to order the tire and they were so busy I had to leave my car (Ruby) there so they could check it over to give me an estimate. The guy who helped me out was a kid I went to junior high with & he was really nice but I was still bummed I had to leave Ruby there. They even gave me a loaner-a Chrysler Seabring convertable. It's cute but has a huge blind spot and smells like car oil, cigarette smoke and fast food. (Like a machanic). No offense to my friends who are machanics-YOU are the exception to this observation. I'll be getting Ruby back Wed. and it's gonna cost me.................wait for it.............................$372....and some change! OYE! (Deep sigh). Oh well. So there goes my tax return and my nice birthday present for Aaron. (He's 25 on June 1st.) I had wanted to get him something nice because he is always so generous with my presents. We always go to Brit's Pub in Mlps. for my birthday. (One of the best places for dinner and cocktails/Guiness-for Aaron in Minneapolis.) Well.......that's all I got for now.
This is a test.