Thursday, September 21, 2006

After a YEAR AND A HALF of waiting on the Lord and scrimping and saving. (Maybe only 8 months of that) Aaron and I have OFFICIALLY started planning our wedding, for this November! YES, I mean November 2006! As SOON as I know more we will share the actual date. I am awaiting some prices from one church in particular.
Mrs. Di "Kaps" has been helping me with all the calling around and pricing! She has been a HUGE blessing! So if you see her anytime soon, tell her you heard she was AWESOME and give her a hug! Or a high five. (Whatever you are comfortable with.)
It looks like it will HAVE to be a REALLY SMALL ceremony and reception, though. (For-warning). But I thought I should let everyone know. Before more rumors start flying!
Love ya'll!