Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life seems to get complicated when you least expect it. We all know that. But have you ever had God simplify it for you even faster?
I watched the Passion of Christ tonight. I hadn't seen it since I saw it in the theatre with my Mom. That time I bawled. Not out of sadness or shame, but of joy. This really happened. FOR ME! FOR YOU!

When I watched it tonight, God removed all the walls to my heart I had put again, by tryng to things on my own. He showed me (again), "Alexis, my sweet girl. ALL the crap you are going through is NOTHING. I CAN TAKE IT ALL! I will carry you through it. You don't have too do anything but trust me. TRUST ME ALEXIS!"

I know it sounds weird. Why would I hear from the Lord, through a movie and not the Woed or in a sermon or even really through wise council? Maybe because I was more open tonight. I am not sure. I have been in the Word about every other day latly. Sometimes a little less but I had not been "listening" to the the Word. I even had felt love from my Family in Christ but I still felt like HE was VERY far away.

Tonight I feel His hands upon my shoulders, comforting me. His hands on my back, rubbing my pain away.
I was wearing a shirt I got at the Rebecca St. James concert this spring, that says on the front GOD HELP ME and on the back: I can do all things through Christ.
But I WAS NOT feeling that way. I do now. I know we all go through times that we feel God is very far away. I am grateful, that He brought me back to Him! My pain was from my own heart. My decieving & sinful, heart. But God has reminded me that He saved me from that LONG AGO! I knew this but now I FEEL THIS again!!