Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things I learned this summer (some I never thought I'd know):

1. Cornstalks that have a yellow fluffy tip are for feed corn (for cows, goats, etc). White ones are sweet corn, for good eatin'!

2. Every single Mosquito fact I learned. ie; Female mosquitoes eat pollen, not just blood. For energy, so they can find their first blood meal. There are 50 different kinds in MN. ONLY 15 of those kinds bite us.

3. If you go into a canopy of trees and it's 89 degrees outside, it's probably 99 degrees inside.

4. You can tell when you're getting close to a coyote den by the strong smell of ammonia. (urine) It's really strong and gross!

5. When you work outside by yourself. You have lots of time to think. Sometimes too much. But it's a nice time to talk to God.

6. I can tan! Ha ha ha!

7. Deep Woods Off is the BEST way to keep the Skeeters away!

8. I really enjoy talking to "the public" and educating them.

9. Agates come in all different colors not just red. And they were made from lava bubbles. And they get their color from the other minerals where they are made. Lake Superior Agates are more burnt orange then red, because of the iron.

10. I AM stronger then I thought I was! Mentally & Physically!

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