Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I HEART Ron Weasley!
I had forgotten how much I love the character of Ron Weasley! I have been listening to the audio book 7 and hearing lines like (something like):"You did?" Hermione (in response to hearing Ron stunned a DeathEater in the face. His response is THE BEST : "Always a tone of surprise." I love that line. I love how clueless he is. How brave he is. How much he cares for his family. The best thing is how he unconditionally cares for Harry. Even when Harry doesn't deserve it. I get so excited when the movies show the "real" Ron Weasley. It happens maybe once a film that he gives a line or makes a face or another action & I think, "THAT'S Ron Wealey".

In all my excitement over Twilight, I had forgotten my favorite Literary character! Although Edward Cullen & Jacob Black come in close 3rd & 4th place. #2 Is held firmly by Fred & George Weasley.

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