Saturday, May 17, 2008

Twilight!(by Stephenie Meyer)
Oh my! Am I enjoying a new book series! I never thought I'd enjoy a book series the way I enjoy Harry Potter. But this series is a runner up! 3rd place is firmly held by Peter & The Starcatchers, by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson.

First off I will address the fact that this is another Fantasy series. I AM a fantasy geek! But I DO know that Vampires & boys who fly are not real. (However, I do admit that there are people out there who believe that they are witches & wizards. I am NOT one of those people.)

If you have read the series', you know, that the world these authors have created are FICTIONAL. SO I don't want comments about how either or both (of H.P. & Twilight especially) are evil. I like them. Leave me alone.

Now to the good bits. I have been unable to put the book down! (Although I have been trying really hard to make sure that I am not ignoring my husband or reading when he is not distracted by something else. Usually he is in the shower, watching TV, or typing in his blog.)

About Twilight:
A Girl falls in love with a boy named Edward. The twist is Edward is a vampire. And no, I did not just give away a huge plot point. This point is mentioned on the back cover of the book.
If you haven't read the series, I recommend it. Especially if you like Buffy & Angel. I heard about the series through my favorite podcast (Pottercast). I was skeptical at first. Is this a rip off of Joss Whedon? I sure hope not. But it isn't. The author has her own mythology and there is no Slayer. There are however Werewolves!

Too fun!

Well enough about that. If you trust my taste I say READ IT!! You can get it at the library! But be prepared to be on a waiting list!

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